Finding a Schedule And A Caregiver That Is Best For YOU

We get started by designing a patient care plan that’s customized for each patient’s specific needs, and then we carefully select a caregiver based on similar interests and the proper skills. We believe that client and companion compatibility is a key factor in providing care that is not only needed in our clients lives, but welcomed.

In addition to the client's main companion, there will be two additional companions that we will make sure our client is comfortable with and that will be trained specifically to aide that client. This three companion system ensures that there is no gap in coverage if the main companion is sick or unable to work, all while keeping the client comfortable and familiar with the companions that will be visiting them. As a client's needs change over time we will continually work with them and their family members, adding or removing service as necessary. Our registered nurse will check up on the client twice a year to reasses their plan of care.

Setting up a weekly schedule

We will meet with you to discuss your seniors needs, and then write up a proposed schedule. Please note that we have a minimum charge of two hours per visit. Our clients schedules range from one visit a week, multipule visits a day, or overnight visits.

Adjustments in appointments can be made but we do ask for at least 24 hours advanced notice to any changes in scheduled service appointments. It may be possible to make changes with shorter notice, but we may not be able to accomodate all changes on short notice.

Contact points

  • We ask you provide at least three contact points. The phone number for the Senior we are serving, the phone number of the primary family member that will be responsible for the client, and a second phone number from a family member or other responsible adult.