Welcome to SherCare

SherCare is a network of highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing the best possible elderly home care. SherCare services a wide range of individules, from fully independent, to fully dependent, offering services to cover every need. We work with our clients and their family members on a consistent basis to be sure that the clients are reciving all of the help that they want and need while keeping the family members up to date and well informed.

It's all about being there when you can't

When an elderly relative lives independently, it is important that they receive basic support. When family members work, or live far away it is hard to be sure that loved ones are getting the proper care and support. SherCare can be there when you cannot, allowing a loved one living alone stays safe and well looked after, or providing individulized care in a large senior living facility where personalized care might be lacking.
  • Care plans are designed to be proactive to ensure the highest quality of life possible
  • Clients’ needs and wishes always come first
  • Family members are kept well informed with updates on client care and activities
  • Supporting Families Through Life Changes

    Life sometimes brings unexpected changes in a families structure.  Often when an elderly spouse passes away, not only is a companion lost, but also a good bit of practical support for daily living.  The simple task of preparing a meal, taking a shower, cleaning the kitchen, etc. can become much more dificult.  SherCare can step in and fill the gap left behind when a couple has lost a member.  Companionship is often an important ingrediant to healthy living with a happy state of mind.  You also gain peace of mind knowing someone is looking in on your loved one. Transitions at this time can also be difficult, wether that be moving to a facility or facing a new medical challenge. Families facing this are often new to this experience leaving them overwhelemed by the process or the uncertainty of what might come. SherCare has helped many people through similar situations and can be there to see what is unique to your famiy and set up a plan to best approach it so that you can spend less time worrying and planning and spend more time with your loved ones.


We are NJ state certified, bonded and insured. We operate under the supervision of a
registered nurse.